Free Online Alchemy Meditation Sessions

Connect with your Felt Sense and cross the portal into pure potential

Every second Friday
Time: 8 AM – 9 AM UK time (GMT+1)

Benefits of the Alchemy Meditation

  • * Access the body archive and tap into the superb wisdom that it holds
  • * Become more sensitive to body awareness in any situation
  • * Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your postures, and your pains
  • * Understand the language of the body and the messages it is sending you at all times
  • * Cultivate heightened sensitivity
  • * Deepen your intuition
  • * Increase presence and learn to be ‘in the now’
  • * Improve your emotional and relational intelligence and become a better communicator
  • * Release traumas that are stored in the body in a gentle yet powerful way
  • * Access your creative channel—the wisdom spring of the universe that exists in each of us

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“In a gentle way, one can shake the world.” – Pablo


Pablo Castro is a Breathwork facilitator and he leads the facilitator trainings at the Alchemy of Breath Academy. He has been with AoB for over 4 years now cultivating, growing, and sharing his passion for the work. Pablo offers online and in-person Breathwork sessions on a one-to-one and group basis; he also runs private Breathwork retreats and events in Bali, and around the world.


His primary focus right now is leading the 8-month facilitator training:
“My own journey is deeply impacted when working with others and being immersed with a group for 8 months is pretty epic! The love for Breathwork is ever-growing and expanding as the understanding of how it all works and how deep it can truly go deepens. I am honored to be walking this path!”

How Can #AlchemyMeditation Transform Your Life?

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Dates: Every second Friday
Time: 8 AM – 9 AM UK time (GMT+1)


Alchemy meditation is so many things: it’s a way to drop into the here and now, to the present moment, drop into the temple of your body and raise your body awareness. The practice brings calmness and often leads to insights. I love to take part and facilitate it.

Michal Piasecki

Every time I do an Alchemy meditation with Pablo, I have the most profound experience and I feel so many things shift afterward! This is one of my favorite meditations to connect with myself on a deep level.


The AOB meditation with Pablo is such an amazing tool to drop into your felt sense and connect with yourself! Pablo guides with his heart and creates a loving space of exploration. Thank you, Pablo!

Jacynthe Côté

Alchemy meditation has allowed me to have access to my deeper self, intuition, and my own healing power potential. With Alchemy meditation, I do quickly slow down my thoughts more than just simply noticing my breath awareness. By doing so, it feels like I’m having an intimate conversation with my inner self, which charges my soul. I learn to trust myself more and more with this meditation.

Jihyun Choi