Welcome to our live events and workshops page. Discover more about the events we are currently hosting all over the world, and experience the power of working with Anthony and the AoB team in person. Allow yourself to be touched by the breath and a life-affirming sense of community; join us as we carry the message of the breath out into the world.

Below you will find an up-to-date listing of all current live sessions.

Relationships - From Trauma to Trust

15th – 17th October 2021

Love…. it’s what we want the most, in all it’s varieties from
romance to the realness we share in right relationships.

When it’s right, it’s so deeply satisfying that it gives meaning to
life, fuels purpose and passion, and can even propel the most troubled soul to triumph and success, despite the odds. It can ignite our superpowers that make the impossible
possible. It makes all the huge challenges worth it, and gives us hope, no matter the hardships.

Join Anthony and Amy as they guide you on journey into love and relationships, to experience the root of where love begins. Gain insights, tools, and practices to love – no matter what’s happening with others.

Live Q&A: Breathwork Facilitator Training

2021 Dates: November 14, December 12

In less than a year’s time, you can transform your inner and outer world and be helping others do the same with the beautiful gift of Breathwork. If this sounds like something that might interest you, please join us at our Breathwork Training Certification Q&A.

Our training is paced over 8 months, and designed for people of all backgrounds and levels of Breathwork expertise – from novice to advanced. So wherever you are at, you are welcome!

Breath Secrets: Discover the Treasure Within

NOVEMBER 13 & 14

Do you ever find that how you think gets in the way of finding solutions? 

Join Anthony and Amy for this 2-day free event, where we explore using the greater design of our body and what we are capable of with holistic techniques.

Learn how to utilize the heart-brain, to trust your gut, and to access the wealth of intelligence that lies inside your own body so you can:


No time for in-person events? Don’t worry! We offer a range of online study options, giving you the perfect opportunity to work with us at your own pace. Our online programs have been carefully designed to allow you to fit an increasing range of our courses around your existing time and life commitments. Some are hosted in real time, and some are pre-recorded, but all can be watched at your leisure, so you need never miss out again on developing your passion for the breath.
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